Embrace the terroirs of three exquisite islands in one bottle as we introduce Plantation Sealander*, a rum like no other.

Plantation Sealander brings you the best of Barbados, Mauritius and the Fiji Islands: from the mineral-rich volcanic soil of Fiji to the elegant shores of Barbados and the earthy cane juice rum of Mauritius, it's a rum born from the heart of the oceans!

Imagine this: Your senses are greeted with the gentle richness of pear, quince jelly and gooseberry, all kissed with a hint of smoky molasses. And the finale? A lingering symphony of cooked apple, tonka bean and dried banana.

  • Barbados brings elegance, vanilla notes and a gourmet mouthfeel.
  • Fiji brings intensity, structure and fruitiness
  • Mauritius adds grassy and herbal notes to complete this exquisite trifecta.

Plantion Sealander is best enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or as the star ingredient in a classic Old Fashioned cocktail.

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