A unique ageing process

If you thought you'd seen it all from Planteray, this beginning of June is sure to surprise you!

A new rum is arriving, a new exclusive bottling in our shop, and it's an original one to say the least! It's a single cask, made from an exceptional rum from Stade's West Indies Rum Distillery in Barbados, 100% pot still distilled in 2022, then aged for 6 months in a tropical climate in bourbon casks, before crossing the Atlantic for a double maturation for 6 months in our continental climate in Cognac casks.

But the most unexpected part comes during one final maturation, the one that made all the difference, when our Master Blender Alexandre Gabriel decided to age this rum for a further 6 months in a unique cask that had contained a very famous Louisiana hot sauce... We'll let you guess which one! The result is an incredible marriage between the richness and complexity of our Barbados rum and the spicy intensity of this hot sauce.

An explosive flavour experience

Imagine: from the very first nose, this Planteray finished in Hot Sauce cask envelops you in its intense, complex aromas. Notes of honey and saffron mingle with pineapple, pear, lime and grapefruit, enhanced by hints of coconut, pepper, leather and smoke.

The palate is a real firework display. Its oily, spicy texture reveals flavours of dried fruit, green banana, plum and vanilla, punctuated by hints of caramel. The long, complex finish is enhanced by a minty freshness, giving way to an aromatic tropical bouquet.

In short, a memorable rum that will amaze your taste buds and perfectly embodies our philosophy of combining traditional know-how with bold creativity!

A limited and exclusive edition

With less than 300 numbered bottles, Planteray Single Cask Barbados 2022 Hot Sauce finish is already a real collector's item. To get your hands on this gem of innovation, visit our boutique in Bonbonnet* right now!

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* Price: €64 / bottle