The essence of Jamaican rum, aged to perfection

As you know, at Maison Ferrand we believe in sharing. In fact, as our master blender Alexandre Gabriel likes to say, "we have a mission: to share, to create happiness". So it's with some emotion that we present our oldest rum ever made: Planteray Jamaica 1984. This exceptional 40-year-old rum comes from a single cask from the famous Clarendon distillery in Lionel Town, Jamaica.

Carefully distilled in pot stills and bearing the mark MMW (Monymusk Wedderburn), this rum has been aged in the tropics for 35 years before spending a further 5 years in ex-Ferrand casks in Cognac. This double ageing technique, a true signature of Planteray, illustrates the excellence of our expertise in this field.

Thanks to the continental ageing, the wide temperature range brought a strong integration of the tannins. Following this process, this great rum was bottled at cask strength at 57.2% ABV, which guarantees its rich and complex aromatic profile, in a style as balanced as it is elegant, characteristic of the distilleries of southern Jamaica.

"A rum like this needs to be kept in the glass for a long time, as it evolves enormously. In terms of flavour, it's a great adventure that will never end. A great eau-de-vie is not a photograph, it's a film", insists Alexandre Gabriel.

An exceptional case for an exceptional rum

How can we offer a packaging that matches this extremely rare rum? To answer this question, the teams at Ferrand simply came up with a world first!

For some time now, for environmental reasons, we've wanted to use unusable barrels to make our corks. This has now become a reality with this Planteray Jamaica 1984.

On top of the magnificent rum decanter, the stopper is composed of two parts: the base is made from very old casks that we can no longer use, which have been disassembled and the staves steam straightened. The unique medallion at the top of the bottle is made from the staves of the Jamaican cask that contained the Clarendon. An authentic piece of history, hand-engraved and laser numbered piece by piece, taking around 10 hours to create each unique piece!

To achieve this unprecedented feat in the spirits and wine industry, Maison Ferrand worked hand in hand with craftsmen from the Cognac region in a spirit of genuine knowledge sharing.

With its 317 numbered copies presented in a custom-made wooden box and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity hand-signed by Alexandre Gabriel, this very limited edition Planteray Jamaica 1984 is already a prestigious collector's item!