What makes this year truly exceptional?

It’s the double aging signature that you know and love, enhanced by a unique third maturation in casks from leading wine and spirits producers.

Get ready to explore 14 remarkable editions, each one a distinct expression of its origin!

The full 2023 collection includes the following bottlings:

  1. BARBADOS 8 Years old finished in Port cask
  2. BARBADOS 10 years old finished in Arran Single Malt Scotch Whisky cask
  3. BARBADOS 2014 finished in Rivesaltes wine cask
  4. BELIZE 2015 finished in in cherry liqueur cask
  5. EL SALVADOR 2015 finished in red Pineau des Charentes wine cask
  6. FIJI 2011 finished in Marsala wine cask
  7. FIJI 2017 finished in Ironroot Republic "Promethean" bourbon cask
  8. GUATEMALA Very Special Old Reserve finished in Madeira wine cask
  9. GUYANA 2011 finished in Big Peat Islay Malt Scotch Whisky cask
  10. JAMAICA 2012 finished in Calvados cask
  11. PANAMA 2010 finished in Sherry cask
  12. TRINIDAD 2009 finished in Ferrand Légendaire cask
  13. TRINIDAD 2011 finished in Burgundy wine
  14. TRINIDAD 2016 finished in Mezcal cask