Rum meets chocolate

Always on the lookout for unique taste experiences, our passion led us to explore the world of chocolate, culminating in a ground-breaking collaboration with renowned chocolatier Christophe Berthelot-Sampic.

Together, we created Cacao Plantation, a special rum infused with cocoa!

Inspired by a meeting in Paris

Our adventure began in Paris, where we met Christophe, a true chocolate artist, at his Atelier C. It's here that he carefully selects cocoa beans for their quality and unique history, and this meeting revealed many similarities in our vision and passion for authentic flavours.

That's how he came to advise us to use cocoa beans from Chocolaterie Robert in Madagascar, renowned for the exceptional quality of its products.

The magic of infusion

Back at the distillery with 5 kg of cocoa nibs, we carefully infused them for 6 months in Plantation 2018 rum from Barbados (from the West Indies Rum Distillery, of course!).

This rum was chosen for its balanced vanilla flavour profile, which perfectly complements the intense cocoa flavours.

To create this special cuvée, an innovative infusion process was used: the bottom of the cask was pierced to insert infusion bags and sewn bung cloths, to achieve the same result as with a traditional cask.

A unique limited-edition sensory experience

Plantation Cacao stands out for its rich dark chocolate flavours and delicate cocoa bitterness, balanced by notes of vanilla and caramelised almonds.

Each sip is a discovery, revealing the subtlety and depth of this marriage between rum and cocoa, a perfect alchemy that has seduced Christophe Berthelot-Sampic himself.

Are you convinced too? This limited edition of Plantation Rum Cacao (45.2% vol.) is now available exclusively at Barge 166 (see our "Complètement Barge" pop-up) and at Château de Bonbonnet!

Get yours while it lasts!