At Ferrand Cognac, we don't just follow the tracks, we create them. And as Alexandre Gabriel so aptly put it, we're "Misfits on a mission". So it's no surprise that our Cognacs are just like us!

Ready for a tasting that defies convention? Follow us!

Innovation rooted in tradition

For almost 20 years, we've been revisiting our heritage to offer you extraordinary taste experiences.

In fact, by using old, sometimes forgotten techniques, such as the use of wine barrels, we innovate while remaining faithful to our heritage.

Our Ferrand 10 Générations is a perfect example. Rich from its double maturation in Sauternes barrels, it benefits greatly from the latter, which enhances the Cognac and gives it depth without ever betraying its original eau-de-vie.

Ancestral wood essences and creativity

The exploration doesn't stop there. We also work with ancient woods such as acacia and chestnut to create unique spirits.

As we are delighted to discover in our archives, these woods were in use before the AOC rules were changed in 1983! As an integral part of our history, they continue to inspire our creations.

With our Ferrand Renegade Chestnut eau-de-vie, we pay tribute to these practices.

Suggestions for overcoming mimicry

We know that our creations are not for everyone - but that's our strength!

Like our Ferrand Cognac Réserve Double Cask, with its notes of Banyuls casks (magical!), or our next new release*, our Cognacs are designed to surprise and move, rather than seek consensus.

Our Renegade Jamaican Rum Cask is another striking example of this approach: aged in old Long Pond casks, it aims to create a resonance that sublimates this brandy and offers you different emotions, beyond imitation!

To be continued...

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