In Cognac, the past two years brought unexpected surprises and challenges, from devastating spring frosts to unforgiving summer hailstorms.

But 2023 tells a different story. We've been fortunate to enjoy favorable weather overall, despite flirting with excessive humidity in the spring and enduring scorching summer temperatures. Nature appears to be on our side in Cognac this year. The vineyard is a beautiful sight, with plump, ripe fruits ready for harvest.

Thanks to the sunny and warm conditions, the grapes have lower acidity, making the wine more fragile. To preserve these delightful aromatics, we're wasting no time and commencing distillation as soon as the wine is ready.

The first day of harvest is always a special occasion, marking the culmination of a year's hard work. On Monday, we started with our early-maturing Colombard grapes, and they are delicious. With the generous sun, we anticipate a Cognac with a rich, fruit forward character that should develop in dried fruit aromatics with time in the barrel. However, the real verdict will come when we sample the first drops fresh from the still in a few weeks. The true magic happens as these spirits age in our old cellars.

Making Cognac is a patient and deliberate journey, and we take pride in this slow and steady pursuit.