Uniting Global Talents in Barbados

At West Indies Rum Distillery (WIRD), we recently had the privilege of hosting a seminal event that celebrated our 130th anniversary. In partnership with Stansfeld Scott, we organized a unique seminar at The Grill at The Estates, St George. This gathering wasn't just a commemoration of our long-standing heritage; it was a convergence of global and local mixology talents, solidifying Barbados's role as a leader in the rum industry.

So we were extremely honored to welcome an extraordinary array of bartenders from around the world to join forces with 50 of Barbados' finest.

This included:

  • Maikal Gurung from The Daily Tot in Hong Kong,
  • Paul Viguier from the Ivory Coast,
  • Anna-Monet Hartman from the Medium Cool Cocktail Lounge in Miami,
  • As well as Georgi Radev and Nick Cornes from the Laki Kane in London
Nick Cornes (Laki Kane, London) - Paul Viguier (Global Wine, Abidjan) - Anna-Monet Hartman (Medium Cool, Miami) - Georgi Radev (Laki Kane, London) - Maikal Gurung (The Daily Tot, Hong Kong)

Fostering Knowledge and Collaboration

At WIRD, we deeply value the exchange of knowledge and expertise. This event was a vibrant testament to that belief. We brought together over 50 bartenders from various backgrounds to share and enhance their skills in rum and cocktail crafting. This seminar was a platform for both global and local talent to learn and grow together, exploring cocktail techniques, trends, and deepening their rum expertise, truly embodying our motto: "together we are better".

Adrienne Stoner, our Rum Community Liaison, highlighted the significance of this cultural and professional exchange. The international bartenders, as experts in their field, shared their extensive knowledge and passion for rum and cocktails with our local talents. This interaction allowed for a rich cultural immersion, deepening the understanding and appreciation for our exceptional rum and the vibrant culture of Barbados.

Embracing Our Global Reach, Innovation and Collaboration in Cocktail Culture

Dameain Williams, a top island mixologist and ambassador for Stade’s and Plantation rum, spoke on our behalf, emphasizing the worldwide presence of Plantation.

Our Plantation Rum has found its place in the glasses of enthusiasts across more than 120 countries, significantly contributing to the global acclaim of our rum and, by extension, Barbados itself.

As we continue our journey, we at WIRD are more committed than ever to innovation and collaboration in Barbados's cocktail culture. This event was a beacon, showing how shared wisdom and experience can push the boundaries of mixology.

Here’s to the future, where we continue to craft exceptional spirits and create experiences that resonate globally! 🌴🍹

Dwayne Williams (Buzo Restaurant) - Rick Flair (The Grill and Pub at the Estates) - Ryan Alleyne (Calma Beach Club) - Natasha Jules (The Mews Restaurant and Piano Lounge)