For over 25 years, Madagascar raffia has adorned our bottles, making them iconic and emblematic. Let us take you behind the scenes of this exceptional raw material that enhances Planteray Rum.

A unique artisanal process

Of the 2,500 varieties of palm in existence, Maison Ferrand has chosen the raffia palm (or raphia farinifera), which can grow to a height of 16 meters (or 52 feet).

It all begins with the harvesting of the broad leaves in the village of Mahajanga, where most of the island's palm trees are found. The artisans then meticulously extract the fine fibres. These are then pressed together, dried in the sun for 24 hours, cut to the right length and woven around our bottles. And it's all done by hand!

Each piece of raffia is the culmination of know-how handed down from generation to generation. The craftsmen, true experts, weave the raffia with fascinating dexterity, up to 200 pieces a day.

Much more than a functional wrapping, raffia is a decorative element in its own right. The artisans create different patterns that contribute to the unique aesthetic of each Planteray Rum.

This exceptionally fine work, in which every detail pays homage to Malagasy art and culture, is reflected in our rum bottles, giving them an extra touch of authenticity.

Following a centuries-old tradition, raffia was used to protect the bottles during transport!

Preserving the environment while supporting the local economy

Our commitment is characterised by a 25-year relationship with an exceptional community with unique expertise. At the heart of our approach is the human aspect. We make it a point of honour to closely assess the working conditions of local artisans.

We are proud that this traditional production helps to provide workers with a stable income. Maison Ferrand's purchase of raffia contributes to 200 full-time jobs!

In addition to supporting the local economy through this production, Maison Ferrand is committed to protecting the environment through an eco-responsible approach to the process. Once cut, the raffia palm grows back in just three months without damaging the tree.

A story in every bottle

Finally, the raffia we use is not just an accessory. It is the fruit of centuries of tradition, a commitment to the environment and a deep respect for craftsmanship.

It's a wonderful story that we're proud to tell with each new release of Planteray Rum!