A 30% lighter bottle without compromising quality

In partnership with Verallia France, we are delighted to announce that we have succeeded in reducing the weight of the Planteray XO bottle by more than 30%, or 355 grams per bottle! This significant achievement will enable us to save 284 tonnes of glass per year.

Despite this significant reduction, we have taken care to maintain the iconic aesthetics of our bottles, recognisable by their raffia, and an unchanged tasting experience.

Pierre Casteuble, our Packaging & Creative Manager, explains:

This lightweighting project combines design and technical skills. We have sublimated the design of our emblematic decanter while retaining the strength and perceived value of the original model.

A close collaboration

This breakthrough was made possible by Verallia's expertise in eco-design and the close relationship we've enjoyed with them since the creation of Planteray Rum in 1999. The geographical proximity of our sites in the Cognac region also facilitated this collaboration.

This project also marks the beginning of an in-depth approach that will gradually be extended to the entire Planteray Rum range (starting with Sealander)! As creators of the finest French spirits, we are convinced that we have a role to play in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and we want to contribute in our own way to this initiative for increasingly responsible use of natural resources.

Through this partnership with Verallia France, we want to prove that it is possible to combine excellence and sustainability. It's a philosophy that guides everything we do at Maison Ferrand!

Beyond glass: Citadelle Gin

In a similar vein, last year Citadelle Gin launched La Poche, another innovative and environmentally responsible packaging solution. This flexible, lightweight, 2.8-litre pouch, equivalent to 4 traditional bottles, allows us to divide by 7 the number of trucks needed to deliver our gins, reducing our carbon footprint by 80% compared to 70cl glass bottles.

This initiative, which preceded the one we are now undertaking with Planteray Rum, is another example of our ongoing commitment to combine superior quality with environmental responsibility for all our spirits.