A journey through time and flavours

While some people collect stamps, Alexandre Gabriel has developed a passion for old stills over the years. In his Charente warehouse, he has assembled more than twenty of these distilling devices dating from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries.

Each piece in this collection bears witness to his love for the heritage of spirits and represents a facet of the history of distillation.

A living collection

Alexandre Gabriel's collection of stills is much more than just an accumulation of old objects. It's at the heart of a constant effort to generate taste emotions and innovate in the art of distillation.

Far from turning them into a dusty museum piece, Alexandre is breathing new life into these stills, restoring and adapting them in close collaboration with specialist still-makers.

This collection is not only a tribute to history, but a genuine tool for designing exceptional spirits.

By recycling their old copper parts, or by assembling several pieces together, he’s able to realise the ambition of bringing back to life these unique stills. Each one is a little piece of history that goes towards the artistry of making our creations at Maison Ferrand.

We'll be sure to tell you about one of these renovation projects in the near future...

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